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Christian Book Promotion on Becoming Press

This is an open invitation to authors who have a book they feel would be beneficial to our readers. Once you complete the form below we will add your book promotion to our blog as an individual blog post.

This is a pay per post opportunity on Becoming Press and includes the following opportunities to gain more exposure for your Christian/Family Friendly book:

  • Your book will receive an individual post featured on our blog. If your book appeals to writers then we may feature it on our popular link up Writer Wednesday.
  • We will promote the blog post across our entire social media network including our Facebook pages: Becoming Press, Heather Bixler, Bible Study for Her, CSAHM, and Desires of My heart eBook. Also, your blog post will be posted within the instagram stories on the @hbixler03 profile and also here on Pinterest. (Reach of over: 26K Follower)
  • Your blog post will be sent out to our Newsletter Subscriber and our email list.
  • The blog post will also be shared on several link ups for Christian readers and bloggers.
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We will try and post your book on the first day it goes on sale.
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Payment - One Time Fee of $35

Secure Credit Card Payment via Stripe. The cost to promote your book on the Becoming Press Blog is a one time fee of $35. This fee will guarantee your post will appear on our blog within 7 days of filling out this form. This is a pay-per-post book promotion. Once payment is made you will receive an email from a team member within 48 hours for final confirmation on when your post will appear on the Becoming Press Blog.
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