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At Becoming Press LLC we offer several advertising opportunities for you to have your product seen by our readers on this blog and social media. Please look below to see all of the advertising opportunities we currently offer.

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Pay Per Post

This is an open invitation to authors, bloggers, and podcasters who have a product they feel would be beneficial to our readers.

Once you complete the form below we will add your promotion to our blog as an individual blog post.

This is a pay per post opportunity on Becoming Press and includes the following opportunities to gain more exposure for your Christian/Family Friendly book, podcast, or blog:

  • Your book, blog, or podcast will receive an individual post featured on our blog. If your product appeals to writers then we may feature it on our popular link up Writer Wednesday at (Launching in 2020)
  • We will promote the blog post across our entire social media network including our Facebook pages: Becoming Press, Heather Bixler, Bible Study for Her, CSAHM, and Desires of My heart eBook. Also, your blog post will be posted within the instagram stories on the @hbixler03 profile and also here on Pinterest. (Reach of over: 26K Follower)
  • Your blog post will be sent out to our Newsletter Subscriber and our email list.
  • The blog post will also be shared on several link ups for Christian readers and bloggers.

Social Media Promo

Social Media Shout Out

Our social media shout outs will appear on the following Facebook Fan Pages and Instagram accounts totaling over 20K fans and counting:

All facebook shout outs will be sent out within 1-2 business days, if your order is placed on the weekend we will send your ad out on Tuesday of the following week.

If you have specific date you would like to have your post added to our social media accounts then please specify this on the form provided.

Please note: Facebook and Instagram shoutouts are billed separately, or you may bundle your shout outs for a discounted price.

Book Review Marketing

Book Review

All books for review need to be sent in Kindle, ePub, a link to your google drive or dropbox, PDF, .doc, or .docx file.  The initial phase of a Becoming Press LLC book review will include a full read of the book in order to make sure it is appropriate for our website. There is a charge for the FULL READ of the book before we will promote it on our website!

PLEASE NOTE: The fees listed are the initial fees which allows us to hire a team of people to read your book from front to back. Once we have read your entire book we will send feedback and our thoughts on the book directly to you. Paying the fee to have us read your book DOES NOT guarantee that we will post your book review on our blog. If we decide to post our review of your book on the Becoming Press LLC blog then we will make an offer to have your review posted to our blog. There is no additional fee to have your review posted to our blog; however, we are unable to post every book review request we receive, and we will determine which book reviews we would like to post to the blog on a case by case basis.

Join the Community

Advertising can be difficult, and every writer/author/blogger I speak to about advertising states that it is one of the hardest aspects of writing. We are writers and we just want to write. I think for me the biggest obstacle has always been finding effective advertising options, I am willing to spend money on advertising as long as I will get a return on my investment.

As Christian writers, authors, and bloggers we advertise and market what we are writing because we believe in the message we are putting out into the word – a common message of sharing God’s love with everyone!

As a fellow writer/blogger/author I would love to invite you to join my little tribe designed to help educate every member on how to advertise effectively. Every member of this tribe wants to spread the word about what they are writing because they believe in themselves and the message that God has placed on their heart.

It’s simple to join and every message will be sent to your inbox via our exclusive tribe newsletter list. You are not committed to anything and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Some of the benefits of joining this little tribe includes receiving a weekly newsletter that will be centered around the following topics:

  • Marketing tips
  • Book launch how-to
  • Book blast how-to
  • Advertising case studies – I basically tell you about my experiences advertising on certain platforms
  • Content Marketing Tips
  • How to build community on social media
  • Goal setting
  • Email list building
  • ….and more!

It’s free and very simple to join – just fill out your information below and you will automatically be a member of our little tribe here on the web:

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