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  • Faith – Four Week Mini Bible Study

    Our faith begins with what we know and believe about God. Our faith will carry us how far we are willing to let it take us. Faith is a choice, and we need to begin by choosing to believe in Jesus and His power to move mountains, heal the sick, and save us from all our sins through His sacrifice on the cross.

  • Hope – Four Week Mini Bible Study

    As a society, we “hope” for better. We “hope” for provision, success, healing, a bigger house, children, relationships, and more. We “hope” things will change. But what if hope isn’t about waiting for our desires to be fulfilled? What if hope is born from the strength and confidence that only comes through the Holy Spirit?

    Join Heather as she unravels her own story of a hope crisis and how eternal hope became her focus, moving her from hopeless to hope FULL.


  • Love – Four Week Mini Bible Study

    The love that God is, is so far from the love that we have known our whole lives. But to be honest, love was distorted the moment that Eve bit of that apple. As a result, we can often have a distorted view of God’s love. The love that God is, will complete you and make you whole again. In Love: Four Week Mini Bible Study, we will talk about God’s love and loving others. God has a plan. His plan includes intimacy, freedom, and holiness. Let’s journey closer to God’s purpose for our lives through the love He has for us. BONUS: Week One Preview of my newest Bible Study: Worship is This is included in the back of this book!