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  • My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord

    What does it mean to fear the Lord? When we fear the Lord, we are simply obeying His commands, respecting God for WHO He is, and living a life that honors God. We seek His will in all we do and obey His direction. We listen to what God has to say even if it means going against what the word says is right.

    In “My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord” we will focus on one scripture a week, and with daily activities, memorize scripture and grow our understanding of what it means to fear the Lord.

  • My Scripture Journal: Gratitude

    “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good and His love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

    We google “scriptures about gratitude,” and “bible verses about thanksgiving” when we’re feeling thankful about a particular subject, or when it’s November. What about living a life of gratitude everyday, not just the month of November. 

    When we study scripture, we hide it in our hearts as the Psalmist wrote. When God’s word is hidden in our hearts, we begin to live it out. Hide God’s word in your heart by grabbing a copy of “My Scripture Journal: Gratitude.” This practical way of studying the Bible can easily fit into ANY schedule and will also help fill you up with the Word!