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Bible Study Lessons for Your Journey

Learn How to Study the Bible

The Bible is filled with revelation and guidance to walk out a life filled with the JOY of The Lord! As you learn to study the Bible, you will discover revelation and truth that will help you grow into all God created you to be! Read our blog for FREE tips and techniques on engaging the Bible in a meaningful way.

Practical Bible Studies

Our Bible Studies will help you to dive deeper into your true identity in Christ. Becoming Press short Bible Study Lessons will encourage you to live a transformed life, embrace freedom in Christ, and find healing through God’s Word and the power of The Holy Spirit. You can also use our Bible Study topics within a small group setting.

Learn How to Memorize Scripture

Our scripture journals offer a simple and effective method that helps you memorize scripture and learn more about God’s Word. When you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a free printable version of our scripture journal where you can fill in the verses you would like to memorize.

Download Your Free Scripture Journal Printable

Are you learning to memorize scripture and don’t know where to begin? Our Scripture Journal Printable will help!

Where are you on your journey of Becoming?

At Becoming Press, we serve our readers by providing tips, tools, and techniques to study the Bible. Along with our empowering Bible Studies, articles, and free scripture journal printable – Becoming Press has what you need to grow and be transformed by God’s Word through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Short Bible Study Lessons for Adults – For Personal Use or Small Group Settings

Free online bible study lessons for beginners on the blog. Below are some of the recent articles you can view for free. You can also view our shop for mini studies, devotionals, and scripture journals.

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