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Becoming Press is a Christian Publishing Company.

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Our Bible Study lessons talk about genuine faith, real life, and real answers to the real problems people face every day.

This journey has been one of becoming more through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout our Christian walk, we are always becoming something. Becoming content, loving, obedient, sacrificial, submissive, caring, gracious, teacher, and giver.  We are constantly growing and searching for answers. When you read a Becoming Press book or blog, you will realize you are not alone. Every mini Bible Study and devotional is designed to deliver God’s truth and draw you closer to Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are all growing and becoming, and it’s all grace.

Mini Topical Bible Studies and Devotionals

Becoming Press is a Christian Publishing Company that knows the importance of daily Bible Study. The books and articles published through Becoming Press are perfect for beginners and believers who want to learn new Bible study methods. Our Bible Study lessons encourage, equip, and educate our readers and provide valuable insight into the Christian faith led by the Holy Spirit.

My faith was definitely strengthened by reading this short, but powerful study. I have a passion for the bible and its power to change the lives of those who choose to invest in its treasures.

“At last a book written in a no-nonsense style. I am a busy homeschooling mom and don’t have lots of time for reading. The author does not beat around the bush and use lofty language. Just what I needed. “

Amazon Review, Breaking Pride

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