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At Becoming Press we believe the world needs more writers who are encouraging, loving, and inspiring.  We want to support you in your journey as a writer in every way that is within our capacity.

As with everything else in life, we believe that writing is a journey of becoming.  It’s not a goal where you have arrived.  It takes daily work and determination.

If there is one piece of advice I could give to every single writer that comes to me saying they want to write a book I would tell them this:

Nobody will care more about your dreams and goals more than you! First, you must believe in yourself and your writing. Life is short, write what The Holy Spirit has placed on your heart. Sometimes writing is about obedience more than it is about belief.

At Becoming Press we are committed to helping writers succeed in the call that God has placed on their life. Below are the resources gathered to help you move forward with your dream of either self-publishing a book, blog, or audio book!

Here is a List of Tools You Can Use to Get Started with Blogging

Here are some articles on starting your own blog

Here is a List of Tools You Can Use to Get Started with Self-Publishing Your Book:

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