Begin Your Day With These Powerful Morning Prayers

Powerful Morning Prayer

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Starting my day with powerful morning prayer has become part of my morning routine. I used to think praying was a bit of a chore, and sometimes I felt “What’s the point?” but the power of prayer goes far beyond what I can comprehend sometimes. I will admit most of my prayers are full of requests and often involve my desire for someone else to stop destructive behaviors or stop being hurtful to me or someone else. But over the years of praying every morning, I have learned a few things about the power of prayer: 

1. Prayer changes your heart – Getting stuck in your feelings, pain, hurt, and emotions while praying and reading your Bible is difficult – prayer and reading your Bible are the tools you need to get unstuck! 

2. Prayer helps build compassion – While I might pray for others to grow and change, the Holy Spirit often reveals a different perspective or even what to pray for. I have learned that is truly the heart of the matter and is more productive than venting my feelings and judgments about a situation. This is what brings healing to your life and those around you. 

3. Fear is not discernment – Whenever I make a significant and scary life decision, I talk myself out of following through because of fear. However, when I pray, I release my fears to God by sharing my heart and confessing them, and I soon realize fear is not discernment. Prayer is so powerful.

How Do I Start My Day With a Powerful Morning Prayer?

I typically follow a morning routine that includes prayer and Bible Reading. I will follow along with a Bible Reading plan on YouVersion and use my prayer journal during my prayer time. 

My daily prayer often consists of the following:

1. Scripture – I will write down the verse of the day found in the Youversion Bible app. 

2. Adoration – I will honor God and speak the truth about Who He is. This is a wonderful way to remember God will never leave you or forsake you.

3. Confession – I know you might feel like this is the worst part of praying to God, but it is the most liberating and genuine part of prayer. If you want to have a great day and tell the devil, “Not today,” add confession to your daily morning prayer. 

4. On My Heart – I tell God what is on my heart and share my feelings about certain situations. It is like talking to my BFF, Jesus. 

5. My prayer requests – This is where I spend time making my requests known to God and asking Him for the specific needs and wants that are on my heart and that directly affect me. This may include asking for guidance on finding a job or asking for God to meet a financial need I might have. 

6. Prayers Requests for Family and Friends – This is where I pray for my family and friends. The specific needs they have asked me to pray for or the needs I see that they have.

7. Prayer for My Community – Here is where I will pray for my church and city. If you don’t have a community, this is an excellent opportunity to pray for God to build one for you!

8. Prayer for Our Country – I pray for the state of our country and ask God to heal our land. This is an excellent opportunity to pray about specific concerns or events in our country. 

9. Gratitude – I list four things I am grateful for. 

You do not have to follow my daily formula when praying every day. However, if you’d like to download my 30-Day Prayer Journal PDF, you can do so here. The 30-Day Prayer Journal PDF with Daily Prayer Prompts provides space to journal scripture, adoration, confession, what is on your heart, prayer requests for yourself, family, and friends, and space to pray for your community and country. It also includes room to write down what you are grateful for, and each day includes a prayer prompt. 

To get you started on the path to begin your day with powerful morning prayers, I have compiled a collection of morning prayers to help you overcome the day ahead.

Power Morning Prayers

The Following Powerful Morning Prayer Will Help You Overcome the Fear You are Facing in Your Daily Life

Dear God, Your word says that perfect love casts out all fear. Lord, your love is perfect, and I ask you to cast out my fear today. Father, I am afraid of _______. Gracious God, please give me your peace that passes all understanding. I want to understand how to live a fearless and faith-filled life. This fear has taken away my hope for today and my hope for tomorrow.

I don’t understand why I am so afraid, but all I know is Your Word says, “Do not fear,” so that is what I will do today. I will trust You when I feel like I have no one else I can trust. I will give you all my fears and walk this life without fear and trembling because I know you are with me. Lord, I pray this is the fresh start of a new day where faith wins and fear dies. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. 

Below is an Example of a Morning Prayer You Can Say When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Father God, I am so overwhelmed with life. It feels like everything is going wrong today already. I have so much to do, and I don’t know where to begin. I feel like a failure because I can’t figure this out alone. But Your Word says that You will never leave me nor forsake me. I have faith you are with me, Lord.

I have faith that you will give me the strength today to do good things and complete the actions of this day. Lord, I know you want me to succeed and do great things for your Kingdom. So, I am asking You to light my path today and show me what steps I need to take to move out of this overwhelming pit. Today is a new day, and I will rejoice and be glad. Lord, thank you for your great mercy and always hearing me when I pray. I ask this all in the name of Jesus, Amen. 

Here is a Short Morning Prayer Asking God to Give You Wisdom in a New Opportunity

Dear God, Thank you for another day in Your presence and the abundance of your mercies You pour out on me daily. Lord, I have been given a new opportunity and need wisdom to move forward. In James 1:5, Your Word says, “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” (WEB)

So, Lord, I ask you to show me the way today, and please give me Your wisdom in this situation. Specifically, I ask for you to show me _________ and guide me in your good work in all that I do. Please guide me on the right path and lead me to the perfect time to act and move on to this new opportunity. Please bless the work of my hands as I do my best to obey your direction and follow your wisdom with this new opportunity. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Here is a Short Morning Prayer Asking God to Give You Wisdom During Difficult Times

God, only You know what I am facing today. Lord, I am in a solitary place and cannot share my struggles with anyone but you. I feel alone, and I need help. Father, thank you for always being there for me and faithfully providing me with the wisdom I need during this time of distress. Today,

Lord, will you please give me wisdom and guide my actions with ________ and help me to remember your steadfast love as I wait on you to move in the heart of everyone involved. Lord, thank you for the gift of life and the good news of Jesus. Please help me to have a good day even though ________ is weighing on my heart right now. I pray this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. 

A Positive Morning Prayer Asking God to Direct Your Steps

Good morning, Heavenly Father! Thank you for this beautiful day full of your goodness, hope, and joy. It is a blessing to start my day in Your presence and to be an instrument of Your peace in everything I do and everywhere I go. Lord, I pray for you to give me a cheerful spirit today and to bring this joy into ______________. Lord, your love, joy, hope, and peace bring great power to the believer, and I pray that everyone I encounter will have a little more joy, love, hope, and peace in their life. Thank you, Jesus. Amen. 

Now GO and have a wonderful day filled with God’s abundant mercies and grace!

If you still want something to pray about during your early morning prayers, click here to download a free 30-day prayer challenge. The challenge includes prayer prompts for each day. 

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