Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for your purchases made on Becoming Press.

Self Publishing Services Deposit

When making a purchase for one of our self publishing services you will be required to make a 50% deposit in order to get started. You may make this deposit through our online store via PayPal or Credit Card. All payments are taken through either PayPal or Square online services. Payments are made via a secure server, and our website is also secure. The price in your cart will reflect the 50% deposit.

Online Publishing Services

Online publishing refers to starting a blog. With this package you will receive a 30 minute phone or email consultation (whichever you prefer.) During this consultation we will discuss the style of your blog. During this process we will ask for you to provide us with several examples of the style of blog you would like for us to design for you. This does not guarantee that your blog will look exactly like the suggestions you make. These suggestions will give us a general idea of what you are wanting for the style of your blog.

During this process we will first work on the template and then you can add your personal touch to your blog. Additional charges might apply if you require stock photo purchases for your blog design, or if you there are additional design elements that need to be purchased. We will not make any additional purchases without first talking with you. Most of the additional purchases we might need to make are due to a client’s request.

With this service we will set up your blog and your design. You do not need to have website hosting established before starting this process. However, please be aware that this package does not include website hosting. We do provide a consultation to help you purchase your domain name and find website hosting for your new blog. Please note that this will be an additional expense and the cost will depend on where you host your blog. We can provide you with affordable website hosting and domain name options if you do not have a provider reserved.

This package also includes a social media consultation. With this consultation we will answer your questions about social media and provide you with some guidance on how to start a new social media account. This service is provided as a courtesy due to the fact that a lot of our clients have questions about starting a social media account.

We will also provide you with access to our graphic design basics workshop that will be launching August 1, 2019. This workshop will help you to create images for your blog in order to make your blog more visually appealing to your visitors. 

Our services will only work with self hosted WordPress blogs. We do own a developer license with Studiopress Themes, and we also have a license to use Restored 316 themes for the themes that we own on our clients blogs. We will install the Genesis theme and your own personal child theme design. During the design process you might find that we reference these themes in our designs. The cost of installing and using these themes are included in the $248, and there will be no additional charge to use these themes on your WordPress blog.

Kindle Publishing

With the Kindle self publishing package you will receive the interior formatting of your book and a beautiful flat cover design. Both the interior file and the cover design can be directly uploaded to KDP directly.

The Cover Design will include the initial design concept we come up with through our consultation. Then we will offer up to two complimentary revisions of the cover design. The cost of the Kindle Publishing package does not include the cost of any stock photos or other design elements that may need to be purchased for your design. No purchases will be made without consulting your first. Any additional element purchases will be invoiced before being purchased and implemented within the design. Purchases will not be made until the invoice has been paid.

We will do our best to create an interior design of you Kindle book that meets the vision you have for your book. However, it is difficult to use certain fonts or images within the interior of a Kindle eBook. We will do our best to meet your requests but please note that if it is something we cannot accomplish we will let you know.

Paperback Publishing

Our Paperback publishing is for KDP distribution only. We used to format for Create space but now Amazon has moved all of their Print On Demand services to Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish just a paperback on KDP without publishing a Kindle eBook.

Paperback Publishing includes a cover design which is the front graphic itself. We will also include the formatting of a flat cover that will include the front and back of your book. This PDF can be directly uploaded to your KDP dashboard.

We will also format the entire interior of your book. With this you will need to provide us with a Word document of your book. Thought he consultation we will discuss what you would like for the interior of your book to look like.

Paperback publishing does not include an ISBN number. However, you can always use a KDP ISBN number for free or you can purchase your own. Purchasing an ISBN is an additional expense that is not included with the purchase of the Paperback Publishing Self Publishing Package.

Complete Publishing Package

This package includes everything listed in the online publishing package, Kindle publishing package, and the Paperback publishing package.


We will not collect royalties on your book and/or blog in any way. Our services are simply self publishing services that only addresses the design and formatting of your books and/or blog. Therefore, we do not keep any sort of royalties from your book or your blog. You own all rights and copyright to your book and you blog. You will directly publish your book or blog directly and not through Becoming Press. We just help you set things up. Our self publishing services are just a service to you. Becoming Press will not be known as your publisher. These are self publishing services and you will be known as the publisher of your books and/or blog.

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